STEP 1 – The Discovery Meeting
This is the most important step in the entire web design process. When we meet with you we ask you a lot of questions about your business so we can gain a clear picture of what your business is about, who your targeted audience is, who your opposition is and what your goals are. This allows us to plan your website to meet all your unique requirements. If we can’t meet face to face then we normally have a Skype Conference to facilitate our in-depth Discovery Meeting.

STEP 2 – The Design Process
Our graphic designer first meets with the project manager to gain an insight from the Discovery Meeting which will give the graphic designer direction for the design process. Once we have the design we present this to you for feedback and approval.

STEP 3 – The Website Shell Build
This is where we grab the graphic design and apply it to a website build on one of our development servers. We will end up with a website in your design but no content in it. Once we have your look, we are ready to proceed to the next step of the web design process.

STEP 4 – Content Creation
At this point we will either have our content back from our content writers, or if you are providing the content then we will have all your content ready to put into the website. We then set about adding your content to the new website.

STEP 5 – Navigation Flow
A lot of people confuse this with creating your menu headings or page names, but in actual fact this part of the web design process is about setting the permalinks meaningfully to our desired target keywords and how we expect to move our website visitors through our website to meet the target result of our planned sales/lead funnel.

STEP 6 – Plugin Integration
In this step of the web design process we install our extra marketing tool plugins and set them up where they are required to perform certain tasks at desired points in time. This is for effective marketing results and involves considerable testing to ensure success.

STEP 7 – Form Creation
Form creation may be a simple matter of a contact form, however it very well could be a much more complex collection form with logical functions designed to qualify a lead to ensure you get a highly targeted enquiry so the chance of conversion is much higher and your not wasting your time answering questions that should never have been given to you in the first place.

STEP 8 – Walk-Through Testing
The final piece of the web design process and a very important one. This is where we walk through every page and test the links, buttons, plugins, forms and everything else to ensure the website is reacting how it should and there are no problems. Once a few of our people have gone through this process we then invite you to do the same so we can ensure we are ready for launch.